Every two or three months we have a war between WhatsApp and any new competitor, either Line, Telegram , BBM or any other, but in the end always end up winning WhatsApp. It is the safest, it is not that offers more options and is not even the most frequently updated, but there is a reason that always victor is the most popular .

Therefore assumed that if we have a social life need to download WhatsApp, you better learn its intricacies and the tricks you might not know and that will help us make the most of this app.

Hide conversation

We can hide a conversation so that you can not see unless we accede to that user. Thus we not eliminated but we can prevent it look at first glance. To do this, go to the menu Chats and drag your finger on the talks to hide. Click on “More” and “Save” and ready!

To see the conversation you just have to allow the user and see all hidden, but we want to reappear in Chats will have to wait for one of the two write.

Watch your privacy

The great evil of WhatsApp is their lack of privacy … unless we want to hide. We are going to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and there we can hide the options to show the status , the last time connected and profile picture .

Prevents the automatic download of pictures

If we have a small data rate, perhaps not interest us download photos on 3G network. To prevent this we will go to Settings -> Settings chats -> Auto-download and there we can choose whether we want it to download on 3G, wireless network or manually.

Do not store the pictures on the reel

If we are in a group we are surely fill the iPhone photo reel do not want. To prevent this, we go to the same section before (Settings -> Settings chats -> Auto-download) and deactivate the “Auto-save files”.

ICloud stores your chats

If we make a copy of or converts them to another phone (provided you have the same Apple ID associated) we can save them to iCloud. We are going to Settings -> Chat Settings -> Copy chats and activate the automatic copy. Note that this ability to subtract your iCloud account .

How to tell if someone has WhatsApp

To find out if a person has WhatsApp will have to know your phone number, save it in the book of the mobile with your name, and then look in the “Contacts” tab WhatsApp and CLICK on it. If you have WhatsApp the “option appears Send message “.

Preview disables notifications

If you do not want anyone to read the messages sent to us from notifications only you have to go to Settings -> Notifications and disable “tab trailer . “

Send a WhatsApp several people for private

If we want to send the same by private WhatsApp several people without learning just go to the Chats tab and click on “Mailing lists” (top left). Just we have to click on “New List” and write the people you write. A new chat window will appear and everything we write will receive those persons individually without being able to get to know each other .

WhatsApp use only Wi-Fi

If you only want to use the application on wireless network and 3G not spend just we have to go to your iPhone settings, slide to the bottom and click on WhatsApp. There you can turn off ” Use Mobile Data “and we no longer spend more mobile data.

Bonus: How to disable double check blue

This trick as an additional story as it is necessary to have the jailbreak made. If we turn blue double check just have to go to Cydia and search the repository BigBoss the tweak ” WhatsApp Read Receipt disabler “install and no longer triggered.

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fifa 16 coin generator

Once we enter our application will receive gift packs if we had realized Ultimate Team from previous years. We open the envelopes and it is more likely that we touch lot players will be worth just over 350 coins, hopefully, if we play players not only gold. As you probably are players of different nationalities and very different from each league, the best you can do is a team based on your player if it is more or less decent, if not, sell all (if sold in the market for transferable) or reaching discard if need be to receive 300 coins each.

The best time to have our first team Ultimate Team is now , almost all top players who are not sold for the minimum, I mean 350 coins, which can lead us to arm ourselves a good template. In addition players not only they buy gold that have the minimum number of points:

  • They are cheap because it is very easy to go into envelopes and there is usually plenty on the market.
  • When purchased for the minimum price we will not have to spend contracts on them when not left him since discarded the player and give us some 310 coins, and only 40 coins more we can take back to the player with 7 contracts or more without having spending a charter contract.
  • At the beginning are the best players to trade Forex  with that are worth a little more, if we become good players of gold not only at the beginning and it would work well in the game, is likely to increase its value , hence owe a little anticipate the market and play with the few coins we have to make a profit.
  • Once we have these similar items, we must look leaguers or nationality where there are many players not only gold. Liga BBVA, Barclays Premier League, Serie A, in short, the major domestic leagues in the world, or, players Brazil, England, Spain, etc. Why do we want this? To try to achieve 100 have chemistry from the start and so have the players perform better.
    • Examples of cheap templates to start and get coins: (Nearly all players are sold for the minimum)

As you can see from left to right, we have a team of the Premier, another of the Liga and other players of Italian nationality. They are ‘BBB’ , good, nice and cheap that will not cost us more than 4000 coins entire team  will have currencies that certainly if you’ve followed the steps above.

As we get ready our team, we will activate the reward of improving currencies, that is, if we have the sufficient level until we can even activate the improvement of 1000 coins more per game for 10 games. I mean we can get with a 1400 coins easy game.

When the players are spent on contract or have less than 70% of fitness before starting the next game, the best we can do is discard and re-sign the same player by very few persons currencies more and so will not have to purchase contracts or letters or fitness that cost us some valuable coins as we invest now we will detail.

The next step is to make a second computer. Why ?, because the second team will be forming with better quality players to that rule when we no longer have physical form or be left without contracts since many coins will lose.

As we go alternating the first team with the second team, the first thing to do is put the second team players in eggs for alternates and reserves, just as we do with the second team , be putting players first in boxes of substitutes and reserves. This will make as we go playing with a computer or other players who are both alternates regain fitness reservation without spending contracts and thus keep them optimally.

  • A good team to make us second without it relatively expensive:

You have to have a little patience when forming a second party and above get buy valuable players long before the more victories we get  and therefore receive fabulous prizes seasons or tournaments. When we have formed our second team, we have to go slowly changed and to our liking the first team for top players. I recommend not opening envelopes though the temptation is much because it is likely to lose many coins.

And with our team we just focus on winning and advancing in divisions for better rewards to one day have a team like this: (you have to dream a lot)

Soon back with more articles and advice on Ultimate Team. What equipment will you do you?Leave it in the comments. Here we identified a cool website for Fifa 16 coin generator you can use it and benefit of it.