agario tips and tricks is a game that requires a lot of skill and strategy to win all the players in the room where you are playing, as you may know to start salts made ​​a blip that can barely eat stationary particles around the map, the advantage it gives you being the smallest is the speed with which you can move around the map, it is important to have reflexes to avoid colliding with larger cells and end up as food for other players, recommended is to find a place on the map not very town and eat quietly particles to obtain a sufficient size out to attack other cells. You can use this agario bot hack to get free unlimited agario bots.

Choose a sparsely populated geographical area so that you not stay Guindado the browser and select the game mode you like to start playing.

Strategies to win in

  • Be patient and look for empty areas to feed up to 150 mass

It is recommended to select the box “Show mass” in settings to display the accumulated mass you carry at all times, having reached the point of obtaining a mass of 150 about is when youcan eat other cells more easily.

  • Techniques used to catch other cells and round them up

Having a size of 150 mass or higher your goals should be smaller and therefore will be faster, you can approach them enough and separate yourself to grab another widely used technique is to enclose them in the corners so that they are no escape , you must be very careful with the corners because sometimes there are very large cells hunting in the same place.

  • Go out into the larger separating them with viruses

When you increase your level reaching 400 or more is time to look for problems with the bigger, this is getting close accomplished a virus and filling when a large mass this past him to exploit it in small easy cells to eat for you, this strategy is the best and will help increase rapidly so great.

  • Be careful to stay on Top

Be careful when dividing , it is very important to keep in mind to keep your size you should be very careful and avoid divide yourself as little as possible when you have a large and making never be more than two parties.

Agario Speed and Mass Hack

Cheats, tips and walkthrough for One Piece Treasure Cruise

Important color types in battle : Red is for STR, green is associated with DEX, Blue works with QCK, yellow and applies for PSY and Purple for INT. And remember – STR> DEX DEX> QcK, QcK> PSY & STR and INT are both weak to today.

to win the most important aspect is a fight the timing. Watch for it to find a good rhythm when your characters sent into battle. Power precisely you familiar with the tutorial. Tap your character, your chains Perfected attacks.

Within the first few levels you quickly get a lot of crew members, your character box can initially absorb only 20 members. The first thing you should do it here Strengthen your favorite characters and dispensed with the other crew members. If you do not have for upgrading or you have no “beli”, sold your Extra crewmen. If you want you can a rainbow gem to give your character field 5 additional slots inserting.

At game’s descriptions and the download you come here .

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Rainbow Gems (Rainbow Gems)
The purchasable items can be a great help in the game

  • Re-entry into the battle for a Game Over
  • Restoration of stamina
  • Turns more slots for your characters freely

Equip your ship on !
Your ship can be upgraded in the yard, if you have enough to cola. Different types of ships have different abilities that affect your team, details can check her in the yard. Updating a vessel improved its ability.

Secret Extra-island
completed the adventures in Shells Town to unlock the entrance to a new and unique island!

  • Extra-island adventures are not always available.
  • Depending on the time settings of the device.

So Levelt your characters

So make her Arlong

Google makes it easier to develop apps with Android Studio 2.0

Android Studio 2.0 offers a wide range of functionality not only in productivity but in speed to accelerate the development of apps

In 2013, Google launched an integrated development environment officer (IDE) called Android Studio for developing apps for its mobile platform faster and more visual. Such an idea should have borne fruit as the Play Store populated with about 1.6 million apps, the most in a store of this type is.

Despite this, as it was time for an upgrade, technological Mountain View giant has launched Android Studio 2.0 with lots of features in speed and productivity.

The most notable addition is called ” Instant Run “, something the company has been refining in previous since last year. When you change your code, you can instantly see how it affects the app running, no longer need to recompile or reinstall the file APK . This should speed up editing, development and implementation cycles according to Google .

The Device Emulator Android now takes advantage of multi-core CPUs , making three times faster than before. “In most situations, develop in the Emulator Android official is faster than on an actual device, and new features such as Instant Run will work much better with the new Android emulator” and has put Google in textual form.

The new interface will help you “tune” properly allowing your apps rotate the screen, drag and drop to install applications and use “multi-touch” controls like pinch and zoom.

Google makes it easier to develop apps with Android Studio 2.0.

Indexing apps introduced by Android Studio 2.0 allows users to find apps more easily in search engines and Google Play

Once the application is ready, you can use the Lab Testing in the Cloud (Cloud Test Lab) from Google to subject it to a variety of tests in a portfolio of hosted physical devices in data centers of Google , helping to eliminate conflicts and other faults. Game developers, meanwhile, may pre visualize the new developer GPU , allowing them to “go through the application within its frame by frame to identify and debug graphics rendering problems.”

Google makes it easier to develop apps with Android Studio 2.0..

Finally, Google has added indexing apps, a feature that helps users find their application in the search for Google and the Play Store . To accomplish this, it helps us to create the correct URL structure, add attributes that work with the Google indexing service and evaluate the final result.

Skype launches the Bots functionality for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft recently announced the new platform “Bots” to be launched today in Skype

As part of the announcements made ​​at the conference of Microsoft Build 2016 held recently ,Skype announced a new platform ” Bots ” that would be launching today in preview mode for developers and users in applications for iPhone and iPad (the as Android and Windows but not Mac ).

“Today we are introducing Skype Bots, a new way to bring expertise, products, services and entertainment to your daily messaging on Skype … Each bot will improve your Skype experience in their own way, bringing a new dimension to your chats on Skype every day and helping to turn your ideas and plans into action. ”

This new functionality brings interactive and animated bots that users can interact with them and developers can use to build experiences for their services. Developers can use a new SDK, API and workflows to build the bots, and users can evaluate the functionality using some initial bots available in apps for Skype on platforms support. For now, bots are found only in messaging mode, however, later they will offer support for video and audio calls.

In iOS , users can find the search bots selecting from the contact page. In the blog that the popular messaging service  announces its new functionality, shows bots available for services such as Bing Music, Bing News, and Bing Images , besides those available as the developers will create and incorporating the popular messaging platform.

You can check bots and by downloading the latest version of the app from Skype for iPhone and iPad directly from the App Store of Apple .

Skype launches the Bots functionality for iPhone and iPad.

Developers can learn more about this new Skype functionality directly into your website

Meanwhile, developers can learn more about this new feature of Skype directly by visiting the official website of the company. There you will find all necessary to begin developing guidelines for bots.

Skype launches the Bots functionality for iPhone and iPad..

The first step is to register the app in question in Azure AD to enable you to establish an identity for the application and specify the authorization levels that need to access the APIs.Then you must add a logging functionality in the app and finally call APIs Skype Web , designed to authenticate and authorize the new application.



Piano Tiles 2 (Do not Touch The White Tile) is currently a hot skill game for iOS and Android, which has already brought so many high score hunters to the brink of despair. We reveal we can you faster, smarter and easier break the high score, bringing your friends to incandescence.


No matter which mode – either the Classic, Arcade, Zen, Rush or Relay mode – with these tips and tricks for Piano Tiles 2 hack (Do not Touch The White Tile) you come further definitely.

Here we go!

1. Tip: Playing with two fingers. Piano Tiles can play with many finger positions.There are people who take only one thumb to. Others take four fingers, one for each row so. But that there are problems: The first variant is clearly too slow, the latter much too difficult to coordinate. After all, one may in Piano Tiles not touch the white fields. The solution: Take two fingers. The left thumb for the left two rows and the right thumb on the right two rows. This is proven moderation fastest.


2. Tip: Practice , practice makes perfect. This saying does not come forth somewhere.Practice in Piano Tiles Once the slightly slower Classic and Zen modes. Only then you can watch ranwagen to the slightly harder Rush or Arcade. Just for practicing with two fingers highly recommended.

3. Tip: Go instead despair. If you ever close? Do not despair. If you are in a low times, pauses and – experts trick – change one’s fingers! This relieves the other fingers, you bring something out of the habit and speaking to new nerves. It pays to check them out.

4. Tip: Ignore the number 1. Does not indicate the top scores in the rankings. These high scores have been manipulated by illegal cheats. Looks like to search for realistic scores or gambles Piano Tiles easily with friends on iOS or Android.

5. Tip:. Become Lord of just one Mode The most difficult modes in Piano Tiles are Arcade, Rush and Relay mode. Not Jump back and forth, but you concentrate on one mode. Unite with your friends on to better compare.

6. Tip:. Cases away Should you have an iPhone or Android phone, then it is advisable to store these. Then it’s easy, convenient.

7. Tip: It’s just a game. If you stand on the brink of despair once again, remember: It’s just a dreary game, nothing more. So maybe make a little break and focus on other things, perhaps later will work out better.


Spaceship breakdowns and creative Monster Hunt: Challenging concepts are also well on the small screen. These new publications that smartphone games do not always have to be simple.

Stranded on an alien planet and no hope of rescue? Flux Dabes, protagonist of “Crash Lands”, can tell you a thing. His delivery spaceship is over, and now it must somehow a way of a not too friendly planet found.

Fortunately Flux is a good craftsman and fighters. Because to move forward, it needs to build and deny many battles against the inhabitants of the planet a base, tools and weapons.

If smartphone games often said to be more simplistic, proves “Crash Lands” the opposite.The game of Butterscotch Shenanigans is very complex. Initially the player can even kill some opportunities perhaps.

The mix of “Minecraft” and “Do not Starve” convinces with its enormous scope. This begins with the free design of the base, the many collectible resources and nearly 500 items that can be prepared therefrom. The game for Android and iOS costs around five euros.

Mix of RPG and “Minesweeper”

Also “Dungelot: Shattered Dreams” is a sophisticated smartphone game. The titleof Red Winter Software belongs to Roguelike genre. That is, those who die, must start from the beginning. That sounds worse than it is. Because “Dungelot” makes luckily so much fun that you want to start an early death directly from the front.


The best way to describe the game as a mix of RPG and “Minesweeper”. It must tiles are revealed, under which useful items and the golden key to wait will pave the way to the next room. Or lurk nasty monsters under the stones. They block other tiles and have to be defeated in order to advance.

The gameplay is simple, but captivating and continues to gain in complexity, because create new objects and new tactics to uncover the tiles. Each passage takes place by something else. “Dungelot: Shattered Dreams” there for around four euros for Android and iOS .

The Rhythm of Music

There are many music and rhythm games for smartphones. But hardly one is as beautiful as “Lost in Harmony” by Digixart Entertainment. The main characters Kaito and Aya ride a skateboard through 30 hand-drawn levels, coherently tell the story of their journey.

In the rhythm of the music player dodges obstacles, which over time will naturally more difficult. is accompanied the journey full of obstacles of specially composed music written by pop star Wyclef Jean.

the rhyme of music

The total package of great graphics, polyphonic story and great music makes “Lost in Harmony ” Recommendation for iOS. And if it should be boring again, their own challenges can be created by means of level editor. The price: 3,99 Euro.

The freedom in the universe

Visually, also “Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure” ( iOS ) convincing. When little Momoka the player must keep a star prior to termination. For this purpose he explores the surfaces and interior of many small planets, his way shoots freely and collect new objects, again open up new paths.

the freedom of universe

The gameplay is reminiscent of the “Metroid” series, only everything is colorful and has a witty 2,5-D graphics. After a linear entry into the universe Momoka soon get its own spaceship, with which he can fly around between the planets to their hearts content. This freedom makes a further appeal of the game. It invites you to explore, because detour to distant planets are often rewarded.

“Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure” by Felwig games in the App Store will cost 6.99 euros.

Familiar faces and monsters

“Final Fantasy Explorers” has with the rest of the series very little in common. Instead, the game of Square-Enix is ​​mostly oriented towards the competition, “Monster Hunter”.The action role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS is knit entirely to the co-operative multiplayer mode around. But transitions are possible, four makes but more fun.

Even if it does not have your own friends, but three strangers from the Internet, “Final Fantasy Explorers” unfolds its full potential only in multiplayer. The battles against the monsters are only really dynamic if the players cooperate.

In addition to the fighting and classic RPG elements are not neglected. The player can choose 21 classes and specialize his character accordingly. Kenner of “Final Fantasy” can look forward to some familiar faces and monsters. The Monsterhatz costs around 45 euros.

Two big names come as a play on the smartphone: “Assassins’s Creed” and “The Walking Dead”. But an old classic party should enjoy mobile players. These new games apps are worthwhile.

assassins creed

” Assassin’s Creed ” by Ubisoft is successfully for years on consoles. Previously only offshoot of the action adventure published for smartphones. That changes with “Assassin’s Creed Identity” for iOS .

The action RPG takes the player into Renaissance Italy. There you have the Assassin, a kind of spy and assassin, discover the plans of a secret order and vacate key people out of the way. The short missions take place in open world areas that allow different solutions.

Apart from the main missions, there are many side quests to gather additional equipment or experience points – which are in the shop for real money. In addition to the 4.99 euros for the game can be there to get rid of a lot of money on equip the character. Requires that is not but fortunately.

“The Walking Dead” as a video game

The zombie saga “The Walking Dead” was successful even as a comic and television series. The games from Telltale Games are selling dazzling. The latest offshoot is called “The Walking Dead: Michonne” and tells the story of the popular, eponymous figure. Michonne is a tough fighter who can simply speak her sword instead words.

In the first episode she joins Pete and his crew, the Coast search in a sailing ship for survivors of the zombie apocalypse. But of course everything goes exactly as planned, and soon the survivors of the grisly reality are facing.

zombi tsunami

Telltale Games are known for their interactive stories that allow little control over the characters. But they tell exciting stories. The first episode of the game, “In Too Deep” is now playable. For all five episodes 15 to 20 euros will be payable depending on the platform. The game will appear next to iOS , Android and Playstation Vita for consoles and PC.

“Bravely Default” gets successor

The Japanese RPG “Bravely Default” was a surprise hit for the Nintendo 3DS.Reason enough for Square Enix to publish a successor. “Bravely Second: End Layer” playing long after the events of the first part. Kaiser Verheer Agnes Oblige kidnapped that still could be the heroine in the first part.

Your bodyguard Yew Geneolgia wants his mistress liberate what leads him on an epic journey through the world of Eternia. Fans of Japanese RPGs are likely to feel here again fiddle. All the strengths of the successful predecessor have been retained and sympathetically extended to a few new features.


Worth mentioning is the ability to connect immediately the next challenge after a successful battle. Here some extra lures experience points, but also the loss of points already gained. “Bravely Second: End Layer” is available for around 40 Euro.

Remake of “Bomberman”

Four males, a maze of walls and lots of bombs: This is the recipe for “Bomberman”, a game that promises fun party for decades. Less well known, it is under the name “Dynablaster” under which it now in a new edition for iOS appears and Android.

The principle is simple and fun. Four players must blow up each other in the air on a board full of obstacles. For this purpose they can exploit the numerous impasses map to lure the other players into the trap. But in the rush to fall not only the enemy bombs, even sometimes their own explosions victim.


“Dynablaster” can be played alone, but heart of the game is the multiplayer. For 1.99 euros there is the game of BBG Entertainment in the App Store. The Android version will follow soon.

“Stellar Wanderer” has impressive graphics

“Stellar Wanderer” by Crescent Moon Games tried the genre of space simulator on iOS (EUR 4.99 in the App Store) to transport. As a young pilot, the player tries to earn his spurs in free space. Various missions, from simple transport to the dangerous battle may be accepted.

The reward is invested in the technique – in better driving, stronger shields or weapons. The goal is to become a renowned and feared pilot, not only the space, but also very special missions are open to.

The attempt to transfer a typical PC genre to smartphones, is only partially successful. Graphically the game is impressive, as is the scope. However, some items do not fit well for mobile gaming, such as the really long journeys through space. turbid also a few bugs yet the experience.

Soon should show who will win the physical battle between two superheroes on the big screen. NRC Q let them already a battle of the bucks fight. Batman against Superman in five rounds.

Few months will talk about Clash of Clans , one of the most played games throughout the Play Store and worldwide mobile . For better or worse, Clash of Clans received a very controversial update that caused the abandonment of more than one user.

Supercell , those responsible for this Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, another game present in the ranking of downloads store Google, began to work with another project that promises from day one : Clash Royale .

Clash Royale, the new Clash of Clans Supercell

 Clash Royale has been present in the Play Store from a month ago, but only from today has been open to everyone to download . During this month, Clash Royale has been tested and evaluated for theirbeta testers , so it is normal to find people from a much higher level on this first day.

Graphics, dynamics and style of play are virtually identical to those of Clash of Clans , with the difference that we have no village to organize this time. We have the same troops in Clash of Clans, as witches, archers or barbarians, but also are never seen with new skills. Yes, all with the distinctive design of Supercell.

In Clash Royale, our Topas are in the form of cards that can be invoked if we have the elixir to do it. As the troops more powerful, more elixir cost us. The interesting thing is when we have to manage our troops with our elixir to try to destroy the castle rival without us destroy ours .

Each village consists of two towers and a castle, and win the one game that has destroyed more towers . In the case of tie in the number of destroyed towers, is played to “sudden death”. If you manage to destroy the main castle, where the opponent ‘s king, you win the game automatically is.


For each game will give us a special box where we can find corresponding letters to new troops or new levels of them . Also we receive trophies or “glasses” that will mark our range and our divison in which more rivals who are fighting. The game also integrates different “arenas” , ie, places where fighting with opponents.

The game has achieved in just one day of life 100,000 downloads, and does not suffer any lag nor failure on servers, is more, it just takes seconds to find game . In this sense, it is lighter than Clash of Clans. Try anything else, the Clash Royale gets hooked with their quick and bold games where you do not know who will win.


Ultimately, expected a game of this magnitude taking into account the history of Supercell, so hopefully that every day is like today. Today, you can find it in the Play Store completely free, but domestic purchases of gems and others as in Clash of Clans.

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clash of clans tips

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play management game for iOS and Android. Your task is to lead a tribe of barbarians to fame, reputation and a big pot of gold. Clash of clans free gems

The Start – Beginners Tips

In the first few days, as long as their is still under the protection of the shield – the duration of which can be extended with jewels -, you must still do not have great defenses, but you’ll make sure you have enough storage for the resources:

Gold: Many buildings you have to pay in gold that you get hold of in raids in slowly but steadily promoting in gold mines. To collect the gold, you need a gold camp.

Elixir: Dasa purple stuff is for most troops and some buildings and upgrades needed. You to collect it in raids or elixir collectors who establishes her in the camp. The elixir is stored in storage elixir. The more you have of it and the farther they are expanded, the more resources you have, if it matters.

Gems: Gems you get rare and only on high holidays as in fulfilling tasks, otherwise you have to buy (500 Jewels cost 4.50 euros, 14,000 are available for about 90 euros). This is the money earned on the game of his. For you it is so having to spend a little of it as possible, but if you have a lot of fun with Clash of Clans, is also no problem now and then a few euros – much more it should not be – issue to a few Things to treat quickly or ever be able to buy only.

Cheats: There is no cheats do with just mentioned gems. If you could work around the above cheats, the developer would earn nothing, so there are currently no cheat codes.

Build the village and the camp

First of all it is not bad, if you do “installed”. Building and storage can always be pushed back and forth, without thereby incur losses. A basic tactic is that the building and location are in the area as many defenses and are covered, your village should be invaded. This is the case at the very beginning, everything is quiet closely. Clash of Clans is not SimCity, the residents do not need an outlet, but protection.

Builds and sets a few buildings to your Town Hall – the main building, because if it falls, you have only once lost the battle. Then you later pulls walls surrounding this complex and distributed in the interior defenses such as towers and cannons. But these things come later, once you have to your existing building to improve something. Your gold and elixir stock should soon be at level 3 to the spoils of the battles to einheimsen against the goblins.

Attack !: battles against goblins

In the first days of your shield against human players is still active, so you have a chance to begin your village undisturbed at least. But in that time you need also a target for looting and so you build only as shown in the tutorial a small army. The further expanding its your barracks, the more types of units you can build. For the start and the first dozen missions Stage Two is enough to have the barbarians and archers. The army camp – the campfire – determines how many soldiers can have the same total in the army you. The expansion is expensive, but quickly tried to achieve level. 2

Does your group of barbarians together, clicking on Attack! bottom left and looking right on the map, which filled by goblins spot the next one is. Typing at him – attack – and you come to the battlefield. Should you accidentally here be typed at the bottom left end battle and you come back with no losses or penalties. Should you want the battle, you can see below which units you have and how many. Selects a group and hold the finger in place outside the fortification, where these soldiers will start.

You must always keep in mind that your soldiers are once extremely stupid, always attack the next target, no matter what it is and you once recognized can no more control. So it’s important that you see Staring her the card exactly see where the defenses are, where the walls along cause and where you settle your people. Of course it is sensible first off the defenses and then to plunder the defenseless building, but if there is such a building in front of a gun, you can only hope that you still have a few soldiers if they have torn the house.Seek out so points close to the defense at the start and if necessary notify your troops. You may be able to settle any outside the reddish zone and the individual, if you wish. If a group is to start somewhere, do you think the finger pressed on the spot.
The first missions are very easy to win. Later, it will quickly become very much harder and you will, just to get ahead need to improve your village and the number and strength of your troops.

Attack !: battles against other players

Instead on the map to the right you can also select a left attack and ambushed a teammate.Be careful though: if you are still protected by the shield, this protection ends with an attack and you can be attacked on your part. So be ready to defend your village by her plants have well developed previously. The tactics are once similar and just at the beginning you will encounter just opponents, whose villages are not particularly strongly expanded.

Trophies, cups and farms

The more trophies you collect against players in the fighting, the harder it is for you, the stronger the enemies will be. While this means that the treasures in the form of gold and elixir are also larger, but if you both do not have to launch an attack at all, it can sometimes help a little less to be feared. To get rid of a trophy, you have to just launch an attack, expose a lone barbarian and then give up the fight. Repeat this until you believe to be weak enough.

The farms is due to direct. You, when you first started the “downgrading” of trophies, probably already had a fairly high level, to get them only once. Now you have no more trophies – or a few – and so are you for an allotted very weak opponents who can overpower her easily. At the same time your village’s good still equipped and attackers can not you much harm. In this way you come easily to resources and keep them also in order to get back on their feet. This technique is promising from Level 15 and a town hall at level. 4

The perfect defense: Walling

At the start, it is sufficient to protect the main building with a simple wall to keep out the first weak attacker. Later, however, when the rams come into play, you need a better tactic.Remember that you can move any building.

In the center as the center of your village the town hall and the gold bearing plus a couple of strong defense equipment with range comes. That is why you now draws the innermost wall.On this wall you sit outside in pairs defenses, between which is always plenty of room for other walls. The two defenses next to each other will now immured outward again. Should you already be so far and have so many walls, so you can also take a third ring. After quite outside her, the “expendable buildings as barracks, Elixir bearing mines and so on. At them the enemy can execute while the guns do their job. Do you have everything configured properly, then at least two battering rams are everywhere needed to heart to advance the village. You will indeed need to renew more frequently the outbuildings, but the loss will always be limited.

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